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Biography of Larina Doreen Burris ,On November 23, a “starr” was born by the name of Larina Doreen Burris in long island NY Larina who is the youngest of five siblings was raised in a multi-talented family. At the tender age of eight, Larina began writing her own songs. At age ten, Larina began recording professionally in her brother Reginald's project studio. In July of 2010, an outreach organization, PGBMI sponsored a concert called the “young talent group”. Here Larina wowed the audience as she sang self-composed written works which inspired many. Larina’s musical talents also include playing the keyboard as well as the guitar. At the age of 14 Larina began modeling in a local competition called the American Mall Model Search(AMMS). This multitalented young lady sounds older than her years, this leaving people in awe at the mature sound in her songs of inspiration.At the age of 15 Larina released her first single “unusual ” and newest single"My World" at the age of 16 which are available on iTunes and amazon and can be heard on internet radio as well as other stations. Larina continues to work hard and diligently on her music as she releases more and more new music including songs from her first EP entitled It’s a Celebration. Funnel Cloud, Rise Up, CHARGED and her latest inspirational single, Clap Back and many more are available for free download. In late 2017 and early 2018 Larina began her own brand which she names after her fanbase “Starrlightz”. With this brand Larina desires to inspire and encourage others to be positive even in the darkest times of their life. Starrlightz symbolize being a light in the good times and the bad times not just for yourself but for someone else as well. Larina is able to share her very own experiences when she had to reach for positivity even though it seemed difficult, she turned to her faith. In 2018 Larina Doreen was invited to sing for the legislature of Nesconset,NY where she wowed the audience once again with her graceful and patriotic performance. Now Larina Doreen continues to create and release new music with her next album entitled “Private Conversations” releasing August 27th of 2021.   

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